Sutra 3.22a

एतेन शब्दाद्यन्तर्धानमुक्तम् ॥२२॥

etena shabdaadyantardhaanam-uktam

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etena=in the same manner; shabdaadi=the sound etc.; antardhaanam=disappearance; uktam=is explained

Some authors including Aranya, Houston and Miller don’t include this sutra, but Taimini and Sw. Satchidananda (SS) do. This changes the numbering of the subsequent sutras; Taimini and Sw. Satchidananda are numbered one ahead. I’ll follow the numbering scheme used by Aranya et al.

Sw. Satchidananda

In the same way, the disappearance of sound [touch, taste, smell, etc] is explained.


(not included)


From the above can be understood the disappearance of sound, etc.


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