Sutra 3.25

प्रवृत्त्यालोकन्यासात् सूक्ष्मव्यवहितविप्रकृष्टज्ञानम्॥२५॥

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pravRuttyaalokanyaasaat sUkShmavyavahitaviprakRuShTaj~jaanam

pravRutti=cognition, higher sense perception; aaloka=light; nyaasaat=by directing; sUkShma=subtle; vyavahita=hidden; viprakRuShTa=remote; jnaanam=knowledge

Sw. Satchidananda

By samyama on the Light within, the knowledge of the subtle, hidden and remotes is obtained. [Note: subtle as atoms, hidden as treasure, remote as far distanct lands]/p>


By directing the light of cognition, one obtains knowledge of subtle, concealed, and remote things.


Knowledge of the small, the hidden or the distant by directing the light of superphysical faculty.


By Applying The Effulgeant Light Of Higher Sense-Perception (Jyotismati) Knowledge Of Subtle Objects, Or Things Obstructed From View, Or Placed At A Great Distance, Can Be Acquired.

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