Sutra 3.29

नाभिचक्रे कायव्यूहज्ञानम्॥२९॥

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naabhichakre kaayavyUhaj~jaanam

naabhi=navel; chakre=on the chakra; kaaya=body; vyUha=arrangement; jnaanam=knowledge

Sw. Satchidananda

By samyama on the navel plexus, knowledge of the body’s constitution is obtained.


[By samyama] on the navel plexus of the body comes knowledge of the arrangement of the body.


(By performing Samyama) on the navel centre knowledge of the organization of the body.


(By Practicing Samyama) On The Navel Plexus, Knowledge Of The Composition Of The Body Is Derived.

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