Sutra 3.30

कण्ठकूपे क्षुत्पिपासानिवृत्तिः॥३०॥

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kaNThakUpe kShutpipaasaanivRuttiH

kaNTha=throat; kUpe=on the pit, hollow; kShut=hunger; pipaasaa=thirst; nivRuttiH=cessation

Sw. Satchidananda

By samyama on the pit of the throat, cessation of hunger and thirst is achieved.


[By samyama] on the pit of the throat comes cessation of hunger and thirst.


(By performing Samyama) on the gullet the cessation of hunger and thirst.


(By Practicing Samyama) On The Trachea, Hunger And Thirst Can Be Subdued.

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