Sutra 3.42

कायाकाशयोः संबन्धसंयमाल्लघुतूलसमापत्तेश्चाकाशगमनम्॥४२॥

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kāyākāśayoḥ saṁbandha-saṁyamāt laghu-tūla-samāpatteśca-ākāśa gamanam ॥42॥

kāyā=of the body; ākāśayoḥ=and the ether; saṁbandha=on relationship; saṁyamāt=by samyama; laghu=light; tūla=cotton; samāpatteh=by intense concentration; ca=and; ākāśa=sky, space; gamanam=movement, passage॥42॥

Sw. Satchidananda

By samyama on the relationship between the body and ether, lightness of cotton fiber is attained, and thus traveling through the ether is possible.


By performing samyama on the relationship between the body and ether, and by performing samapatti on the lightness of cotton, one acquires the ability to travel through the sky.


By performing Samyama on the relation between the body and Akas and at the same time bringing about coalescence of the mind with light (things like) cotton down (there comes the power of) passage through space.


(By Practicing Samyama) On The Relationship Between Body and Akasa And By Concentrating On The Lightness Of Cotton Wool, Passage Through The Sky Can Be Secured.

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