Sutra 3.43

बहिरकल्पिता वृत्तिर्महाविदेहा ततः प्रकाशावरणक्षयः॥४३॥

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bahir-akalpitā vr̥ttiḥ mahā-videhā tataḥ prakāśa-āvaraṇa-kṣayaḥ ॥43॥

bahir=outside; akalpitā=not imagined; vr̥ttiḥ=state of mind; mahā-videhā=a yogic siddhi enabling the yogi to remain without a body; tataḥ=by that; prakāśa=light; āvaraṇa=covering; kṣayaḥ=destruction ॥43॥

Sw. Satchidananda

By samyama on thought waves unidentified by and external to the body [maha-videha, or the great bodilessness], the veil over the light of the Self is destroyed.


The state of mind [projected] outside [of the body], which is not an imagined state, is called the great out-of-body [experience]. By this, the covering of the light [of buddhi] is destroyed.


The power of contacting the state of consciousness which is outside the intellect and is therefore inconceivable is called Maha-videha. From it is destroyed the covering of light.


When The Unimagined Conception Can Be Held Outside, i.e. Unconnected With The Body, It Is Called Mahavideha Or The Great Discarnate. By Samyam On That The Veil Over The Illumination (Of Buddhisattva) Is Removed.

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