Sutra 3.44

स्थूलस्वरूपसूक्ष्मान्वयार्थवत्त्वसंयमाद भूतजयः॥४४॥

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sthūla-svarūpa-sūkṣma-anvaya-arthavattva-saṁyamāt bhūtajayaḥ ॥44॥

sthūla=on gross state; svarūpa=essential nature; sūkṣma=subtle; anvaya=constitution, correlations; arthavattva=purpose, significance; saṁyamāt=by samyama; bhūta=elements; jayaḥ=mastery ॥44॥

Sw. Satchidananda

By samyama on the gross and subtle elements and on their essential nature, correlations and purpose, mastery over them is gained.


By samyama on the gross nature, essential nature, subtle nature, constitution, and purpose [of objects, one attains] mastery over the elements.


Mastery over the Panca-Bhutas by performing Samyama on their gross, constant, subtle, all–pervading and functional states.


(By Practicing Samyama) On The Grossness, The Essential Character, The Subtlety, The Inherence And The Objectiveness Which Are The Five Forms Of The Bhutas Or Elements, Mastery Over Bhutas Is Obtained

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