Sutra 3.45

ततोऽणिमादिप्रादुर्भावः कायसंपत्तद्धर्मानभिघातश्च॥४५॥

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tato-‘ṇimādi-prādurbhāvaḥ kāyasaṁpat tad-dharānabhighātśca ॥45॥
tatah=from that; aṇimā=mystic power of lightness; ādi=etc. (there are eight such mystic powers called "siddhis"); prādurbhāvaḥ=appearance; kāya=of the physical body; saṁpat=perfection, wealth; tad=of them (the five elements); dharma=essential nature; anabhighātah=non-resistance, absence of limitation; ca=and ॥45॥

Sw. Satchidananda

From that comes attainment of anima and other siddis, bodily perfection and the non-obstruction of bodily functions by the influence of the elements. [Note: the eight major siddhis alluded to here are: anima (to become very small); mahima (to become very big); laghima (very light); garima (heavy); prapti (to reach anywhere); prakamya (to achieve all one’s desires); isatva (ability to creat anything); vasitva (ability to command and control everything).]


As a result of this, there are no limitations on account of the body’s natural abilities; mystic powers such as aṇimā, etc., manifest; and the body attains perfection.


Thence, the attainment of the Animan etc., perfection of the body and the non-obstruction of its functions (of the body) by the powers (of the elements).


Thence Develop The Power Of Minification And Other Boduly Acquitions. There Is No Resistance By Its Characteristics.

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