Sutra 3.47


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grahaṇa-svarūpa-asmitā-avaya-arthavattva-saṁyamāt-indriya jayaḥ ॥47॥
grahaṇa=obtaining knowledge, cognition; svarūpa=the real nature; asmitā=the ego; anvaya=inherent quality; arthavattva=purposefulness, function; saṁyamāt=by samyama on; indriya=the senses; jayaḥ=mastery, victory॥47॥

Sw. Satchidananda

By samyama on the power of perception and on essential nature, correlation with the ego sense and purpose of the sense organs, mastery over them is gained.


By the performance of samyama on the process of knowing, on the essence [the sense organs], on ego, on the constitution [of the gunas], and on the purpose [of the gunas] comes control over the senses.


Mastery of the sense-organs by performing Samyama on their power of cognition, realy nature, egoism, all pervasiveness and functions.


By Samyama On The Receptivity, Essential Character, I-sense, Inherant Quality And Objectiveness Of The Five Organs, Mastery Over Them Can Be Acquired.

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