Sutra 3.48

ततो मनोजवित्वं विकरणभावः प्रधानजयश्च॥४८॥

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tato mano-javitvaṁ vikaraṇa-bhāvaḥ pradhāna-jayaś-ca ॥48॥

tatah=from that; manah=of the mind; javitvaṁ=fleetness; vikaraṇa=independence from the instruments; bhāvaḥ=existence; pradhāna=primordial matter (prakriti); jayah=victory over; ca=and ॥48॥

Sw. Satchidananda

From that, the body gains the power to move as fast as the mind, ability to function without the aid of the sense organs, and complete mastery over the primary cause (Prakriti).


As a result of this comes speed like the speed of mind, activity independent of the bodily senses, and mastery over primordial matter.


Thence, instantaneous cognition without the use of any vehicle and complete mastery over Pradhana.


Thence Come Powers Of Rapid Movement As Of The Mind, Action Of Organs Independent Of The Body And Mastery Over Pradhana, The Primordial Cause.

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