Sutra 3.49

सत्त्वपुरुषान्यताख्यातिमात्रस्य सर्वभावाधिष्ठातृत्वं सर्वज्ञातृत्वं च॥४९॥

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sattva-puruṣa-anyatā-khyātimātrasya sarva-bhāvā-adhiṣṭhātr̥tvaṁ sarva-jñātr̥tvaṁ ca ॥49॥
sattva=one of the three gunas, also refined intellect; puruṣa=the self, soul; anyatā=distinction; khyāti=discernment; mātrasya=of one, only; sarva=all; bhāvā=states of existence; adhiṣṭhātr̥tvaṁ=supremacy over; sarva=all; jñātr̥tvaṁ=state of knowledge; ca=and ॥49॥

Sw. Satchidananda

By recognition of the distinction between the sattva (pure reflective nature) and the Self, supremacy over all states and forms of existence [omnipotence] is gained as is omniscience.


Only for one who discerns the difference between the purusa and the intellect do omniscience and omnipotence accrue.


Only from awareness of the distinction between Sattva and Parusa arise supremacy over all states and forms of existence (omnipotence) and knowledge of everything (omniscience).


To One Established In The Discernment Between Buddhi And Purusa Come Supremeacy Over All Beings And Omniscience.

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