Sutra 3.50

तद्वैराग्यादपि दोषबीजक्षये कैवल्यम्॥५०॥


tad-vairāgyād-api doṣa-bīja-kṣaye kaivalyam ॥50॥
tat=that (i.e., omniscience and omnipotence mentioned in previous sutra); vairāgyāt=from detachment; api=even; doṣa=fault, bondage; bīja=seed; kṣaye=on the destruction of; kaivalyam=final liberation॥50॥

Sw. Satchidananda

By non-attachment even to that [all these siddhis]. The seed of bondage is destroyed and thus follows Kailvalya (Independence).


By detachment even from this attainment [i.e., omniscience and omnipotence], and upon the destruction of the seeds of all faults, kaivalya, the supreme liberation ensues.


By non-attachment even to that, on the very seed of bondage being destroyed, follows Kaivalya


By Renunciation Of That (Visoka Attainment) Even, Comes Liberation On Account Of The Destruction Of The Seeds Of Evil.

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