Sutra 3.51

स्थान्युपनिमन्त्रणे सङ्गस्मयाकरणं पुनरनिष्टप्रसङ्गात्॥५१॥

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sthāny-upa-nimantraṇe saṅga-smaya-akaraṇaṁ punar-aniṣṭa-prasaṅgāt ॥51॥
sthāni=celestial beings; upa-nimantraṇe=on being invited by; saṅga=attachment; smaya=smile, pride; akaraṇaṁ=avoidance; punah=again; aniṣṭa=undesirable, evil; prasaṅgāt=inclination toward॥51॥

Sw. Satchidananda

The Yogi should neither accept nor smile with pride at the admiration of even the celestial beings, as there is the possibility of his getting caught again in the undesirable.


If solicited by celestial beings, [the yogi] should not become smug, because the tendency toward undesirable consequences can once again manifest.


(There should be) avoidance of pleasure of pride on being invited by the super-physical entities in charge of various planes because there is the possibility of revival of evil.


When Invited By The Celestial Beings That Invitation Should Not Be Accepted Nor Should It Cause Vanity Because It Involves Possibility Of Undesirable Consequences.

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