Sutra 3.52

क्षणतत्क्रमयोः संयमाद्विवेकजं ज्ञानम्॥५२॥

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kṣaṇa-tat-kramayoḥ saṁyamāt vivekajaṁ-jñānam ॥52॥
kṣaṇa=mement, instant; tat=its (the moment’s); kramayoḥ=and its order, sequence; saṁyamāt=by samyama on; vivekajaṁ=born of discrimination; jñānam=knowledge ॥52॥

Sw. Satchidananda

By samyama on single moments in sequence comes discriminative knowledge.


By performing samyama on the moment, and its sequence, one attains knowledge born of discrimination.


Knowledge born of awareness of Reality by performing Samyama on moment and (the process of) its succession.


Differentiating Knowledge Of The Self And The Non-Self Comes From Practicing Samyama On Moment and It Sequence.

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