Sutra 3.53

जातिलक्षणदेशैरन्यतानवच्छेदात् तुल्ययोस्ततः प्रतिपत्तिः॥५३॥

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jāti-lakṣaṇa-deśaiḥ anyatā-anavacchedāt tulyayoḥ tataḥ pratipattiḥ ॥53॥
jāti=species; lakṣaṇa=distinguishing characteristic; deśaiḥ=and location; anyatā=difference; anavacchedāt=because of the absence of definition; tulyayoḥ=of two comparable things; tataḥ=from this; pratipattiḥ=knowledge ॥53॥

Sw. Satchidananda

Thus, the indistinguishable differences between objects that are alike in species, characteristics marks and positions become indistinguishable.


As a result of this, there is discernment of two comparable things that are not distinguishable by species, characteristic, or location.


From it (Vivekajam’Jnanam) knowledge of distinction between similars which cannot be distinguished by class, characteristic or postion.


When Species, Temporal Character And Position Of Two Different Things Being Indiscernable They Look Alike, They Can Be Differentiated Thereby (By This Knowledge)

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