Sutra 3.54

तारकं सर्वविषयं सर्वथाविषयमक्रमं चेति विवेकजं ज्ञानम्॥५४॥

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tārakaṁ sarva-viṣayaṁ sarvathā-viṣayam-akramaṁ-ceti vivekajaṁ jñānam ॥54॥
tārakaṁ=liberator, that which helps to cross over the ocean of existence; sarva=all; viṣayaṁ=objects; sarvathā-=everywhere, at all times; viṣayam=object; akramaṁ=without sequence – transcending the world process; cha=and; iti=thus; vivekajaṁ=born of discrimination; jñānam=knowledge ॥54॥

Sw. Satchidananda

The discriminative knowledge that simultaneously comprehends all objects in all conditions is the intuitive knowledge which brings liberation.


Knowledge born of discrimination is a liberator; it has everything as its object at all times simultaneously.


The highest knowledge born of awareness of Reality is transcendent, includes the cognition of all objects simultaneously, pertains to all objects and processes whatsoever in the past, present and future and also transcends World Process.


Knowledge Of Discernment Is Taraka Or Intuitional, Is Comprehension Of All Things And Of All Times And Has No Sequence.

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