Sutra 3.55

सत्त्वपुरुषयोः शुद्धिसाम्ये कैवल्यमिति॥५५॥

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sattva-puruṣayoḥ śuddhisāmye kaivalyam iti॥55॥

sattva=the pure intellect; puruṣayoḥ=and of the purusha; śuddhi=of purity; sāmye=on becoming equal; kaivalyam=final liberation; iti=thus, it is said॥55॥

Sw. Satchidananda

When the tranquil mind attains purity equal to that of the Self, there is Absoluteness.


When the purity of the intellect is equal to that of the purusha kaivalya liberation ensues.


Kaivalya is attained when there is equality of purity between the Parusa and Sattva.


When Equality Is Established Between Buddhi-Sattva And Purusa In Their Purity, Liberation Takes Place.

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