Sutra 4.03

निमित्तमप्रयोजकं प्रकृतीनां वरणभेदस्तु ततः क्षेत्रिकवत्॥३॥

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nimittam-aprayojakaṁ prakr̥tīnāṁ-varaṇa-bhedastu tataḥ kṣetrikavat ॥3॥
nimittam=instrumental or efficient cause; aprayojakaṁ=is not the instigator; prakr̥tīnāṁ=of the prakritic causes; varaṇa=obstacle, protective covering; bhedah=piercing; tu=on the other hand; tataḥ=from that; kṣetrikavat=like a farmer॥3॥

Sw. Satchidananda

Incidental events do not directly cause natural evolution; they just remove the obstacles as a farmer [removes the obstacles in a water course running to his field]


The instrumental cause of creation is not its creative cause, but it pierces the covering of creation like a farmer [pierces the barriers between the fields].


The incidental cause does not move or stir up the natural tendencies into activity; it merely removes the obstacles, like a farmer (irrigating a field)


Causes Do Not Put Nature Into Motion, Only The Removal Of Obstacles Takes Place Through Them. This Is Like A Farmer Breaking Down the Barrier To Let The Water Flow (The Hindrances Being Removed By The Causes, The Nature Impenetrates By Itself)

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