Sutra 4.1


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janma-oṣadhi-mantra-tapas-samādhi-jāḥ siddhayaḥ ॥1॥
janma=birth; oṣadhi=herbs, drugs; mantra=incantations, chants; tapas=austerities, penance; samādhi=meditative absorption; jāḥ=born of, are result of; siddhayaḥ= attainments, mystic powers॥1॥

Sw. Satchidananda

Siddhis are born of practices performed in previous births, or by herbs, mantra repetition, asceticism, or by samadhi.


The mystic powers arise due to birth, herbs, mantras, the performance of austerity, and samadhi.


The Siddhis are the result of birth, drugs, Mantras austerities or Samadhi.


Supernormal Powers Come With Birth Or Are Attained Through Herbs, Incantations, Austerities Or Concentration.

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