Sutra 4.2

जात्यन्तरपरिणामः प्रकृत्यापूरात्॥२॥

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jāty-antara-pariṇāmaḥ prakr̥ty-āpūrāt ॥2॥
jāti=birth, species; antara=another; pariṇāmaḥ=change, transformation; prakr̥ti=material nature; āpūrāt=due to filling in or overflow॥2॥

Sw. Satchidananda

The transformation of one species into another is brought about by the inflow of Nature.


The changes [in bodily forms that take place] in other births is due to the filling in by prakriti.


The transformation from one species or kind into another is by the overflow of natural tendencies or potentialities.


Takes Place Through The Filling In Of Their Innate Nature.

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