Sutra 4.06

तत्र ध्यानजमनाशयम्॥६॥

tatra dhyānajam-anāśayam ॥6॥

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tatra=from these (the minds that have attained siddhis); dhyānajam=born from meditation; anāśayam=without the storehouse of karma ॥6॥

Sw. Satchidananda

Only the minds born of meditation (the artificially created minds) are free from karmic impressions.


From these [five types of minds that possess siddhis], the one born of meditation is without the storehouse of karmas.


Of these, the mind born of meditation is free from impressions.


Of These (Minds With Supernormal Powers) Those Obtained Through Meditation Are Without Any Subliminal Imprints.


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