Sutra 4.07

कर्माशुक्लाकृष्णं योगिनस्त्रिविधमितरेषाम्॥७॥

karma-aśukla-akr̥ṣṇaṁ yoginaḥ trividham-itareṣām ॥7॥

karma=action; aśukla=not white (black); akr̥ṣṇaṁ=not black; yoginaḥ=of a yogi; trividham=threefold; itareṣām=of others ॥7॥

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The Actions Of Yogins Are Neither White Nor Black, Whereas The Actions Of Others Are Of Three Kinds.


Karmas are neither white nor black (neither good nor bad) in the case of Yogis, they are of three kinds in the case of others.

Sw. Satchidananda

The actions of the yogi are neither white [good] nor black [bad]; but the actions of others are of three kind: good, bad and mixed. 


The karma of a yogi is neither white nor black; of everyone else, it is of three types. 


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