Sutra 4.08


tataḥ tad-vipāka-anugṇānām-eva-abhivyaktiḥ vāsanānām ॥8॥

tataḥ=from that; tad-vipāka=their ripening/fruition; anugṇānām=of favorable conditions; eva=alone; abhivyaktiḥ=manifestation; vāsanānām=of subconcious impressions॥8॥

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Thence (From The Other Three Varieties Of Karma) Are Manifested The Subconscious Impressions Appropriate To Their Consequences.


From these only those tendencies are manifested for which the conditions are favourable.

Sw. Satchidananda

Of these [actions], only those vasanas (subconscious impressions) for which there are favorable conditions for producing their fruits will manifest in a particular birth. 


From [these three types of karma] the activation of only those subliminal impressions that are ready for fruition [in the next life] occurs.

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