Sutra 4.09

जातिदेशकालव्यवहितानामप्यानन्तर्यं स्मृतिसंस्कारयोरेकरूपत्वात्॥९॥

jāti deśa kāla vyavahitānām-apy-āntaryāṁ smr̥ti-saṁskārayoḥ ekarūpatvāt ॥9॥

jāti=by class; deśa=by locality; kāla=time; vyavahitānām=separated, divided; api=even; ānataryāṁ=non-interruption, immediate succession; smr̥ti-saṁskārayoḥ=of memory and impressions; ekarūpatvāt=due to sameness in appearance or form॥9॥

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On Account Of Similarity Between Memory And Corresponding Latent Impressions, The Subconscious Impressions Of Feelings Appear Simultaneously Even When They Are Separated By Birth, Space And Time.


There is a relation of cause and effect even though separated bu class, locality and time because memory and impressions are the same in form.

Sw. Satchidananda

Although desires are separated from their fulfillments by class, space and time, they have an uninterrupted relationship because the impressions [of desires] and memories of them are identical.


Because they are identical, there is an uninterrupted connection between memory and samskara, even though they might be separated by birth, time and place.

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