Sutra 4.10

तासामनादित्वं चाशिषो नित्यत्वात्॥१०॥

tāsām-anāditvaṁ cāśiṣo nityatvāt ॥10॥

tāsām=of them; anāditvaṁ=no beginning; ca=and; āśiṣah=of the desire or will to live; nityatvāt=because of eternity or permanence॥10॥

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Desire For Self-Welfare Being Everlasting It Follows That The Subconscious Impression From Which It Arises Must Be Beginningless.


And there is no beginning of them, the desire to live being eternal.

Sw. Satchidananda

Since the desire to live is eternal, impressions are also beginningless.


The samskaras are eternal, because the desire [for life] is eternal.

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