Sutra 4.12

अतीतानागतं स्वरूपतोऽस्त्यध्वभेदाद्धर्माणाम्॥१२॥

atīta-anāgataṁ svarūpato-‘sti-adhvabhedād dharmāṇām ॥12॥

atīta=the past; anāgataṁ=the future; svarūpatah=in its own form; asti=exists; adhvabhedāt=due to difference in paths; dharmāṇām=of the properties॥12॥

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The Past And The Future Are In Reality Present In Their Fundamental Forms, There Being Only Difference In The Characteristics Of The Forms Taken At Different Times.


The past and future exist in their own (real) form. The difference of Dharmas or properties is on account of the difference of paths.

Sw. Satchidananda

The past and future exist in the real form of objects which manifest due to differences in the conditions of their characteristics.


The past and the future exist in reality, since they differ [from the present only] in terms of the time of [manifestation] of their characteristics.

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