Sutra 4.13

ते व्यक्तसूक्ष्मा गुणात्मानः॥१३॥

te vyakta-sūkṣmāḥ guṇa-atmānaḥ ॥13॥

te=they; vyakta=manifest; sūkṣmāḥ=subtle; guṇa-atmānaḥ=of the nature of the three gunas॥13॥

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Characteristics, Which Are Present At All Times, Are Manifest And Subtle, And Are Composed Of The Three Gunas.


They, whether manifest or unmanifest, are of the nature of Gunas.

Sw. Satchidananda

Whether manifested or subtle, these characteristics belong to the nature of the guṇas.


The past, present and the future have the gunas as their essence and are either manifest or latent.

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