Sutra 4.17

तदुपरागापेक्षत्वाच्चित्तस्य वस्तु ज्ञाताज्ञातम्॥१७॥

tad-uparāga-apekṣitvāt cittasya vastu-jñātājñātaṁ ॥17॥

tad-uparāga=the coloring thereby; apekṣitvāt=because of expectation; cittasya=for the mind; vastu=an object; jñāta=known; ajñātaṁ=unknown ॥17॥

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External Objects Are Known Or Unknown To The Mind According As They Color The Mind.


In consequence of the mind being coloured or not coloured by it, an object is known or unknown.

Sw. Satchidananda

An object is known or unknown dependent on whether or not the mind gets colored by it.


A thing is either known or not known by the mind depending on whether it is noticed by the mind.

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