Sutra 4.19

न तत्स्वाभासं दृश्यत्वात्॥१९॥

na tat-svābhāsaṁ dr̥śyatvāt ॥19॥

na=not; tat=that; svābhāsaṁ=self-luminous; dr̥śyatvāt=because of its perceptibility॥19॥

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It (Mind) Is Not Self-Illuminating Being An Object (Knowable)


Nor is it self-illuminative, for it is perceptible.

Sw. Satchidananda

The mind-stuff is not self-luminous because it is an object of perception by the Puruṣa.


Nor is the mind self-illuminating, because of its nature as the object of perception.

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