Sutra 4.20

एकसमये चोभयानवधारणम्॥२०॥

eka samaye c-obhaya-an-avadhāraṇam ॥20॥

eka samaye=at the same time, simultaneously; ca=and; ubhaya=both; an-avadhāraṇam=absence of cognizing॥20॥

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Besides, Both (The Mind And Its Objects) Cannot Be Cognised Simultaneously.


Moreover, it is impossible for it to be of both ways (as perceiver and perceived) at the same time.

Sw. Satchidananda

The mind-stuff cannot perceive both subject and object simultaneously [which proves it is not self-luminous].


There cannot be discernment of both [the mind and the object it perceives] at the same time.

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