Sutra 4.21

चित्तान्तरदृश्ये बुद्धिबुद्धेरतिप्रसङ्गः स्मृतिसंकरश्च॥२१॥

cittāntara dr̥śye buddhi-buddheḥ atiprasaṅgaḥ smr̥ti-saṁkaraś-ca ॥21॥

cittāntara dr̥śye= in (one mind) being cognizable by another mind; buddhi-buddheḥ=cognition of cognitions; atiprasaṅgaḥ=endless, ad infinitum; smr̥ti=memory; saṁkarah=confusion; ca=and ॥21॥

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If The Mind Were To Be Illumined By Another Mind Then There Will Be Repetition Ad Infinitum Of Illumining Minds And Intermixture Of Memory.


If cognition of one mind by another (be postulated) we would have to assume cognition of cognitions and confusion of memories also.

Sw. Satchidananda

If the perception of one mind by another mind be postulated, we would have to assume an endless number of them and the result would be confusion of memory.


If [the mind] were cognized by another mind, then there would be an infinite regress of one intelligence [being known] by another intelligence. Moreover, there would also be confusion of memory.

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