Sutra 4.22

चितेरप्रतिसंक्रमायास्तदाकारापत्तौ स्वबुद्धिसंवेदनम्॥२२॥

citeh=of the consciousness; aprati-saṁkramāyāḥ=of such that does not pass from place to place; tad-ākāra=its form; āpattau=on the assumption of; svabuddhi= self-cognition; saṁ-vedanam=knowing (of)॥22॥

citer-aprati-saṁkramāyāḥ tad-ākāra-āpattau svabuddhi saṁ-vedanam ॥22॥

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(Though) Untransmissible The Metempiric Consciousness Getting The Likeness Of Buddhi Becomes The Cause Of The Consciousness Of Buddhi.


Knowledge of its own nature through self-cognition (is obtained) when consciousness assumes that form in which it does not pass from place to place.

Sw. Satchidananda

The consciousness of the Puruṣa is unchangeable; by getting the reflection of it, the mind-stuff becomes conscious of the Self.


Although it is unchanging, consciousness becomes aware of its own intelligence by means of pervading the forms assumed by the intelligence.

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