Sutra 4.23

द्रष्टृदृश्योपरक्तं चित्तं सर्वार्थम्॥२३॥

draṣṭr̥=the knower (the seer); dr̥śya=knowable or known; upa-raktaṁ=colored by; cittaṁ=the mind; sarva-artham=all-apprehending; all including॥23॥

draṣṭr̥-dr̥śy-opa-raktaṁ cittaṁ sarva-artham ॥23॥

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The Mind-Stuff Being Affected By The Seer And The Seen, Is All-Comprehensive.


The mind coloured by the Knower (i.e., the Purusa) and the Known is all-apprehending.

Sw. Satchidananda

The mind-stuff, when colored by both Seer and seen, understands everything.


The mind, colored by the seer as well as by that which is seen, knows all objects.

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