Sutra 4.24

तदसंख्येयवासनाभिश्र्चित्रमपि परार्थं संहत्यकारित्वात्॥२४॥

tad-asaṅkhyeya vāsanābhiḥ citram-api parārtham saṁhatya-kāritvāt ॥24॥

tad=that; asaṅkhya-eya=innumerable; vāsanābhiḥ=by vasanas (subliminal impressions); citram=variegated; api=although; parārtham=for the sake of another; saṁhatya-kāritvāt=by reason of acting in collaboration or association॥24॥

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That (The Mind) Though Variegated By Innumerable Subconscious Impressions Exists For Another Since It Acts Conjointly.


Through variegated by innumerable Vasanas it (the mind) acts for another (Purusa) for it acts in association.

Sw. Satchidananda

Though having countless desires, the mind-stuff exists for the sake of another [the Puruṣa] because it can act only in association with It.


That mind, with its countless variegated subliminal impressions, exists for another entity [other than itself], because it operates in conjunction [with other instruments].

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