Sutra 4.25

विशेषदर्शिन आत्मभावभावनाविनिवृत्तिः॥२५॥

viśeṣa-darśinaḥ ātmabhāva-bhāvanā-vinivr̥ttiḥ ॥25॥

viśeṣa=the distinction; darśinaḥ=of him who sees; ātmabhāva=consciousness of the Self; bhāvanā=dwelling in (the mind); vinivr̥ttiḥ=complete cessation॥25॥

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For One Who Has Realised The Distinctive Entity, i.e. Purusa (Mentioned In The Previous Aphorism), Inquiries About The Nature Of His Self Ceases.


The cessation (of desire) for dwelling in the consciousness of Atma for one who has seen the distinction.

Sw. Satchidananda

To one who sees the distinction between the mind and the Ātman, thoughts of mind as the Ātman cease forever.


For one who sees the distinction [between the mind and the soul], reflecting on the nature of the self ceases.

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