Sutra 4.26

तदा विवेकनिम्नं कैवल्यप्राग्भारं चित्तम्॥२६॥

tadā viveka-nimnaṁ kaivalya-prāg-bhāraṁ cittam ॥26॥

tadā=then; viveka-nimnaṁ=inclined toward discrimination; kaivalya=ultimate liberation; prāg-bhāraṁ=inclined toward; cittam=the mind॥26॥

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Then The Mind Inclines Towards Discriminative Knowledge And Naturally Gravitates Towards The State Of Liberation.


Then, verily, the mind is inclined towards discrimination and gravitating towards Kaivalya.

Sw. Satchidananda

Then the mind-stuff is inclined toward discrimination and gravitates toward Absoluteness.


At that point, the mind, inclined toward discrimination, gravitates toward ultimate liberation.

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