Sutra 4.27

तच्छिद्रेषु प्रत्ययान्तराणि संस्कारेभ्यः॥२७॥

tac-chidreṣu pratyaya-antarāṇi saṁskārebhyaḥ ॥27॥

tat-chidreṣu=during breaks in discrimination; pratyaya=thoughts; antarāṇi=other; saṁskārebhyaḥ=due to subliminal impressions (samskaras)॥27॥

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Through Its Breaches (i.e. Breaks In Discriminative Knowledge) Arise Other Fluctuations Of The Mind Due To (Residual) Latent Impressions.


In the intervals arise other Pratyayas from the force of Samskaras.

Sw. Satchidananda

In-between, distracting thoughts may arise due to past impressions.


During the intervals [in this state of discriminate awareness] other ideas [arise] because of previous samskaras.

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