Sutra 4.29

प्रसंख्यानेऽप्यकुसीदस्य सर्वथा विवेकख्यातेर्धर्ममेघः समाधिः॥२९॥

prasaṁkhyāne-‘py-akusīdasya sarvathā vivekakhyāteḥ dharma-meghas-samādhiḥ ॥29॥

prasaṁkhyāne=in the knowledge of the meditative wisdom; api=even; akusīdasya=of one who has no interest; sarvathā=in every way; vivekakhyāteḥ=discrimination leading to awareness of Reality; dharma-meghaH=showering the dharma; samādhiḥ=state of meditative absorption॥29॥

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When One Becomes Disintereested Even In Omniscience One Attains Perpetual Discriminative Enlightenment From Which Ensues The Concentration Known As Dharmamegha (Virtue-Pouring Cloud).


In the case of one, who is able to maintain a constant state of Vairagya even towards the most exalted state of enlightenment and to exercise the highest kind of discrimination, follows Dharma-Megha-Samadhi.

Sw. Satchidananda

One who, due to his or her perfect discrimination, is totally disinterested even in the highest rewards, remains in the constant discriminative discernment, which is called dharmamegha (cloud of dharma) samādhi. [Note: The meaning of dharma includes virtue, justice, law, duty, morality, religion, religious merit and steadfast decree.]


For one who has no interest even in [the fruits] of meditative wisdom on account of the highest degree of discriminative insight, the samadhi called dharma-megha, cloud of virtue, ensues.

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