Sutra 4.31

तदा सर्वावरणमलापेतस्य ज्ञानस्यानन्त्याज्ज्ञेयमल्पम्॥३१॥

tadā sarva-āvaraṇa-malāpetasya jñānasya-ānantyāt jñeyamalpam ॥31॥

tadā=then; sarva=all; āvaraṇa=that which covers up, veils; mala=impurities; apetasya=devoid of, from which is removed; jñānasya=of knowledge; ānantyāt=because of the infinity of; jñeyam=knowable; alpam=little ॥31॥

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Then On Account Of The Infinitude Of Knowledge, Freed From The Cover Of All Impurities, The Knowables Appear As Few.


Then, in consequence of the removel of all obscuration and impurities, that which can be known (through the mind) is but little in comparison with the infinity of knowledge (obtained in Enlightenment).

Sw. Satchidananda

Then all the coverings and impurities of knowledge are totally removed. Because of the infinity of this knowledge, what remains to be known is almost nothing.


At this point, because of the unlimited nature of knowledge when all impurities have been removed from it, that which remains to be known is little.

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