Sutra 4.33

क्षणप्रतियोगी परिणामापरान्तनिग्रार्ह्यः क्रमः॥३३॥

kṣaṇa-pratiyogī pariṇāma-aparānta nirgrāhyaḥ kramaḥ ॥33॥

kṣaṇa=moments; pratiyogī=corresponding; pariṇāma=transformation; aparānta=at the end; nirgrāhyaḥ=entirely apprehensible; kramaḥ=process, succession॥33॥

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What Belongs To The Moments And Is Indicated By The Completion Of A Particular Mutation Is Sequence.


The process, corresponding to moments which become apprehensible at the final end of transformation (of the Gunas), is Kramah.

Sw. Satchidananda

The sequence [referred to above] means an uninterrupted succession of moments which can be recognized at the end of their transformations.


The progression [of any object through time] corresponds to a [series of] moments. It is perceivable at the final [moment] of change.

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