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As is the case with most of the ancient scriptures from India, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali were also written in Sanskrit. In order to help those interested in listening to the sutras in original Sanskrit sounds, I have made an effort to record each sutra with accurate Sanskrit pronunciation. I started learning the Sanskrit language around 1999 (yes, it’s been that long!) so I could  study the ancient texts including the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras etc. in their original Sanskrit and  get a deeper understanding of the original intent of the respective authors of these texts. I continue to learn Sanskrit under the tutelage of two very talented teachers.

I had originally recorded the yoga sutras in Sanskrit only. Subsequently, I received a request from some of the readers of the blog that, in addition to Sanskrit, I should also provide audio recording of the sutras in English as well. Below I am presenting links to these audio recordings. I have made every attempt to pronounce each sutra with the correct Sanskrit sounds.

Multi-track recording in Sanskrit

This is a multi-track recording of all the four chapters. Here, you can play an individual sutra or play them in sequence.


These are continuous recordings of the whole chapter.

Chapter 1 [audio:http://yogawithsubhash.com/ysp-sg/ysp-audio/ysp-sa-en/ysp-sa-en-ch01.mp3]

Chapter 2 [audio:http://yogawithsubhash.com/ysp-sg/ysp-audio/ysp-sa-en/ysp-sa-en-ch02.mp3]

Chapter 3 [audio:http://yogawithsubhash.com/ysp-sg/ysp-audio/ysp-sa-en/ysp-sa-en-ch03.mp3]

Chapter 4 [audio:http://yogawithsubhash.com/ysp-sg/ysp-audio/ysp-sa-en/ysp-sa-en-ch04.mp3]

I hope you will enjoy listening to these recordings. I would welcome any comments or feedback that you might have.

If you would like to download these recordings, I will be glad to send you the download link for a nominal fee of $10 for all the chapters.

Please send your comments to Subhash Mittal. You may also like to visit my yoga website and yoga blog.